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Basics of C programming language: Programming langauge C is which has revolutionized the modern computer programming world. With development on C, new languages evolved like C++, java. C is basic language which is still in use at good level . So , know C language as it will help you understanding programming.Here some important facts that you should know about C.

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Amazing facts of C 

1. The C language was developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1970s at AT&T Bell laboratories.
2. Initiallly , C was designed for programming in the UNIX operating system.
3. The C language is derived from the B language, which was written by Ken Thompson at AT&T Bell laboratories and B language was adopted from a language called BCPL(Basic Combined Programming Language).
4. C was standardize by ANSI(American National Standards Institute) in 1989 known as ANSI C.

interesting facts about bitwise operators

1) The left shift and right shift operators should not be used for negative numbers The result of << and >> is undefined behabiour if any of the operands is a negative number. For example results of both -1 << 1 and 1 << -1 is undefined. Also, if the number is shifted more than the size of integer, the behaviour is undefined. For example, 1 << 33 is undefined if integers are stored using 32 bits. See this for more details.

2) The bitwise XOR operator is the most useful operator from technical interview perspective. It is used in many problems. A simple example could be “Given a set of numbers where all elements occur even number of times except one number, find the odd occuring number” This problem can be efficiently solved by just doing XOR of all numbers.

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